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Government Supports and Real effects on Financial Model

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hereby present our report concerning Russian Government Supports for Industrial Projects and its real effects on Financial Model. It is obvious that the subject is wide and it took a lot of effort to simplify it. We therefore called the report a simple “Four Square”, as we believe that the most appropriate way to explain the content is to divide into parts so that will be visually and analytically comprehensible.

In the first section of this report, we mainly focused on practical issues that investors for industrial projects often face, such as:

Why Invest in Russia?
Where the most popular to invest for Industrial Projects in Russia?
What technical risks can arise during investment?
What key factors for the banks and the investors the most important to evaluate the investment project?

The 2nd section explains the main definitions of the most popular territories in Russia, the status of investors and regulations in general. In the 3rd, we show what kind of tax and infrastructure preferences are provided by the territory in numbers and compare them in simple tables.

In the last section, we analyzed a typical project with an investment budget of 10 mil euros(RUB 750 mil) and calculated how preferences and government loans with a lower interest rating really affect the financial model taking into account NPV, IRR and payback period. We hope that this exceptionally investigated report will provide you with a step‐by‐step road map for transparent and reliable investment analysis.

Thank you for your business, your trust and your confidence.

MonDef Team_

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