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A business model, if done thoroughly and accurately, will become an important guide for setting up your business and for making strategic decisions later on.

It is important for you to have a business plan because you are putting far more at risk: your financial stability, your reputation and your status in the community.

It is far easier and less costly to correct your mistakes on paper before you are in business.

An optimal location choice is the key factor regarding the success of your future business. But, Where to Invest?:

* Land Plot with the best technical and infrastructure conditions
* Status must be secured by Laws
* Supplier/Buyer and raw material conditions
* Access to main roads
* Available qualified personnel

We investigate all Russia to select the best location options for your business.

What kind of Government Supports exist in Russia?

* Land Plot
* Infrastructure (Gas, Electricty, Water etc.)
* Taxes (Profit, Property, Social Funds etc)
* Customs
* Low rated Finance

Some of the main programs provided by Russian federation to support investors are:

* Industry development fund (ФРП)
* SPIC 2.0 (СПИК 2.0)
* MSP Corporation / Regional guarantee organizations (МСП) / (РГО)
* Regional investment project (РИП)
* Made in Russia
* Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (СЗПК)

We discover the most suitable government incentive program from Russian Federation for your business.

One of the main factors which directly affect your business model is to select correct financial parameters. There are 4 main parameters in financial models: Pay-back period, NPV, IRR, and the break-even point of the project. They become a world’s standard now that are the same for every kind of business all over the world now. If you calculate these numbers correctly, your financial model and future business will most probably not go wrong. It is not only critical to evaluate the project from the investor’s side, but also important for the banks to take decisions about giving the loan to project or not.

We obtain the best financing options from major banks in Russian Federation.
With a clear focus on meeting client expectations, our goal is to deliver quality projects on time and on budget using the right tools and the right people.Whatever the size of your project and wherever the location, we can provide you with extensive experience spanning all aspects of construction.

Our Design & Construction supervision services include:

* Design supervision
* Independent third-party verification and certification
* Project management consultant for building, industrial and infrastructure facilities
* Site supervision in accordance with technical and construction legal requirements
* Continuous supervision of construction works (quality, schedule and budget)
* Commissioning supervision on quality and schedule
* Technical and legal advice, and assessment consulting

We believe that the only way to manage all items consistently is that working in Tailor-Made format which provides the investors significant time and cost savings.
We provide tender Management Services for the employers at Design and Construction levels. Our approach is strategic and oriented to winning the bid. Working collaboratively with the client we take responsibility for overall management and coordination of the bid team including, Design and Construction, Facilities Management and Life Cycle partners. Throughout the process we can also act as the interface between the proponent group and the tender calling Authority and its compliance team.
Our approach is integrated, facilitative and flexible, and we communicate closely with the client and their team to ensure a fully risk managed, responsive and competitive submission.

Our tender management services include majorly:

* Preparation of the bill of quantity / materials’ specification according to the design and employers initial budget assumptions
* Creating a work schedule to perform the works in the intended time period
* Delivering tender package documentation to candidate contractors
* Preparation of the construction contract in accordance with the Russian Federation construction standards
* Collection and follow-up of tender offers
* Comparing the conformity of all offers within each other with resect of technical qualifications and units
* Selecting the candidate companies, evaluating the conformity of offers / collecting company documentation, from contractors and making necessary correspondences
* Checking the conformity of the materials to be used in the construction of the work specified in the contractor offers
* Managing the process from the contractor firm selection to the entry into force of the contract

MonDef can assist in a variety of ways ranging from leading and managing your team through the entire process to simply providing your team with support and advice.
The main types of reports we prepare for the banks are as follows:
* Independent Project Monitoring Report (IPMR)
* Independent Project Evaluation Report (IPER)
* Independent Technical Review Report (ITRR)
* Business Model/Plan (BP) (according to Russian Central Bank regulations)

During presentation the projects to banks, we are acting not only as an independent expert, but also acting as a ‘Bridge’ between investors and banks, by giving them 1st class services, with regard of benefit and cost ratio.
Today, from a bank’s standpoint, in order to minimize the risks associated with the loans and letters of credits provided to the customers, an intensive and independent monitoring is necessary.

During inspections, we assure the investors to disclose information about their expenses in construction with a comfort feeling, which provides a healthy interaction between the bank and the investor.

What we do for the banks are mostly;

* Project Evaluation Report for the loan allocation
* Inspection of the projects with regard to the loan purpose
* Financial and technical audit/survey
* Striving to find better ways for project completion schedule

We have been observing that banks' trust in us lets them continue to release the relevant loan tranches to the construction in progress without any concerns and delays.
As an independent escrow agent, MonDef, will administer all the details needed for your specific transaction with a complete neutrality and professionalism. At this point, we support banks by preparing specific feasibility reports by our experts.

Our exclusive services include:

* Monitoring project conditions by site visits
* Checking budget of the project to release tranches
* Contracts tracking
* Satisfying all technical requests of the involving parties
* Other tailor-made concepts regarding bank's requests