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MonDef's MTSO Webinar: Russian Government Supports

We have conducted an online webinar at the platform of MTSO (Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Turkey) on 14.10.2020. During the webinar, we have advised about with macroeconomical conditions, special support programs, financial modeling and etc. Thanks to MTSO for this great opportunity.


MonDef's TTSO Webinar: Russian Government Supports

We have conducted an online webinar at the platform of TTSO (Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Turkey) on 02.10.2020. During the webinar we have shared our experiences regarding government supports for the industrial projects in Russia. Thanks to TTSO for this successful organisation.


MonDef's BTSO Webinar: Russian Government Supports

We have successfully conducted a webinar at the platform of BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Turkey) on 20.08.2020. During the webinar we have shared our experiences regarding government supports for the industrial projects in Russia. Many thanks to BTSO for this successful organisation.


MonDef's RTIB Webinar: Government Supports in Russia

A webinar was held between RTIB chief advisor Samih Güven and MonDef G.M. Nejat Özçimen about Government supports for investors in Russia. At this webinar, very valuable information was shared about the supports provided by Russian Federation, which is one of the most important parts of MonDef's services to Turkish and foreign investors. It was explained how these supports affect an investment and its business model. We believe that this 40-minute webinar is very beneficial for Turkish businessmen, who are planning to invest in the Russian Federation.

We would like to thank the RTIB organization for providing the opportunity to speak on this valuable platform.


MonDef's RTİB Webinar: Special Economic Zones of Russia

RTİB chief adviser Samih Güven and Mondef co-founder Nejat Özçimen organized a webinar by mutual question-answer method. At the webinar, brief information was exchanged about the main subjects that Turkish companies with plans to invest in Russia were most curious about. The topics mentioned in the webinar are briefly:

- Definition of free zones and special economic zones and differences between them
- Responsibilities of investors
- What mutual interests of the government and investor parties
- Special economic zone types and general characteristics in Russia
- The most popular special economic zones in Russia
- Some examples of Turkish investors located in private economy regions and their successes
- Tax advantages and government incentives provided by private economy regions
- The importance and benefits of establishing a financial model in an investment planning

We would like to thank the RTIB association for providing us with such a useful environment.


Opportunities in Russia for construction companies and civil engineers

Our esteemed expert partner Cem Kafadar and Mondef's co-founder Nejat Özçimen discussed Russia and business opportunities in Russia. In this video, the following topics were briefly discussed:

- The present and future of the construction industry in Russia
- Opportunities and threats that await Turkish construction companies aiming to do business in Russia in today's Russia
- What did the Turkish construction companies do successful and what did they do wrong in Russia?

Many thanks to Mr. Cem Kafadar for providing this environment for us


Government supports and their real effects on a financial model

This Video is concerning 'Russian Government Supports for Industrial Projects and its real effects on Financial Model. We have mentioned;

- Why Invest in Russia?
- Where are the most popular locations in Russia to invest for Industrial Projects?
- What key factors for the banks and the investors the most important to evaluate the investment project?
- Main definitions of the most popular territories in Russia,
- What kind of tax and infrastructure preferences are provided by the territory in numbers and compare them in simple tables.

In the last minutes, we have analyzed a typical project with an investment budget of 10 mil EUROS (RUB 750 mil) and calculated how tax preferences and state fund’s loans with a lower interest rates really affect the financial model in terms of NPV, IRR and payback period.


Technical risks at the stages of investment

How to define simply the ‘Technical Risks’ during investments? Technical means engineering decisions and solutions, risks means that how they effect on your money, how they effect on your financial model.. Basic principles of projects: have to be completed in the minimum time, within a minimum budget but everything should be in the safest side.

Why, even though, today, all the professions are interacting each other, we still watching in the market that technical people are not interested in the macro-economy and the people who are dealing with financial issues have a lot of bother with engineering terminology and the process?

Main stages of an any investments: Technical surveys, design, expertise, construction permission. construction, connecting infrastructure lines installation of equipment and opening.

If in any financial model, we test the minimum payback period, we should not only test but also be aware about the technical risks.

Let’s look what kind of technical risks may happen in your project and how to avoid them to keep and stay in the safe side.


Aesthetics and safety of an industrial building design

What is aesthetics in general conception? From our professional point of view, 3 simple things: Color, Geometry and Function. If you combine these 3 things into 1, you will agree with your subconscious. Because subconscious says that if something disturbs your eyes, it’s most probably not safe and vice versa .

How an industrial building can be both aesthetic and functional?
Which industrial building we like most in Russia?
Do not escape from aesthetics, escape from ordinariness.


Basic macroeconomic terms for engineers

Why an engineer needs at least a basic knowledge of economics? Because everything they do is related with the money. Where is the money for an engineer in their routine day at work? What do they mean for an engineer when somebody talks about inflation, GDP, key rate, interest rate, currency risks and so on..?

Every project has 3 principles. The project should be completed in safest, the fastest, cheapest way. In this phrase, something is hidden: "Cost of Money". Should the Cost control and Planning engineers duties be limited with a simple excel file?

The thin line between engineers and economist are that how they define the project: Economists defines the project as Salary, Capital, Resources, Technology While for an Engineer, Man-hour, Material, Machinery, Method

Trust us and combine them in your work. The only way to beat your competitors legally, passes through here.


Monetary and economy policy of governments

The main duty of the central banks is to balance the economy by using the monetary policy in the country. In this video we mention about: Inflation, unemployment and the key rate of Central bank. And will tell about its role in investment activities in the country. At the end of video, we will make an analogy with a pool and will explain the behavior of macro-economical parameters such as hyperinflation, GDP, unemployment and inflation, showing the Pascal's closed container liquid behaviors.


What a bank looks to investment, What is their roles?

Banks play one of the main roles in the chain of economy. They support you and your business under some definite conditions. The only condition for them is that you pay back the money you borrowed, within the time you promised, adding an early calculated the interest rate. In this video , we share our opinions about; A Bank's role and risks in an investment.

Why the classical equity / loan ratio is important?

How much important to use equity and the loan?

Difference between Investment Finance and Project Finance.


What an Investor Wants Regarding Investment Project

There are 4 main parameters in financial models to where both the investors and the banks look at: Pay-back period, NPV, IRR, and the break-even point of the project.

We mostly concentrated in video the meaning of "Cost of Time!"

Because time goes faster than we imagined before...


Who we are & What we do? About MonDef

We are an international company that has a team of engineers and economists. On the other hand, we are an independent company. This is the greatest value of our company. Because we are dealing with intellectual business. That’s why, we may not have any conflict of interests with anybody, any parties, any establishments.How to act as a ‘Bridge’ between investors and banks?

We are not only working with the banks by monitoring their ongoing, already financed, investment projects. But also, with investors by finding for them: Best location for their factory, Optimum infrastructure conditions of the land plot, Best government supports which takes into account the segments of the production which should be matched with the programs of the government, Best finance of the loan to realize the project.

We believe that to manage all these items effectively, the best is all of them should be controlled under one roof. Because every item takes others responsibility. Therefore, it is necessarily to study in a ‘tailor made’ format.


MonDef’s AEB Seminar:Special Economic Zones: A to Z

MonDef has conducted the seminar on the Special Economic Zones. With our partners, we shared our experiences and the latest conditions and tendencies in SEZ’s. The topics have been started from the government stand point which is very willing to increase the volume of investment in the country and the economic activities, as well. Addition to these, we have mentioned engineering economics, project management issues to realize your project from zero to completion, to start to produce.

And the last, of course the legal aspects. We all know well that to handle the risks for an investor is the most important thing that should be taken into account at each stage of the project,

We appreciate AEB for giving us this opportunity, giving us this platform and of course, as usual for this brilliant organization


MonDef’s Seminar: Investment & Financing in Russia 5.0

The seminar about investment and financing in Russia (New Russia under crisis condition) was successfully conducted by Nejat Ozcimen on 27.03.2019 in Association of Russian-Turkish Businesses in Moscow, Russia. Main subjects of the seminar were

(1) Development of the companies via financing,

(2) Basic Macroeconomic Terms,

(3) Project Financing,

(4) How to take a decision of investment,

(5) Recommendation and Comments respectively